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The Canary Islands is a group of islands that is an archipelago and also an autonomous community, which comes under the country of Spain and it is located in the Atlantic Ocean, having Morocco as its closest point in a reach of 62 miles (100 kilometers). In the entire European Union, the Canary Islands are the only islands that are located in the outermost region (OMR) part of the European Union proper. The Spanish Government has given a special consideration for the historically recognized nationalities that are being one of the eight that are in those categories around the world. This can be one of the special things about the Canary Islands is that it is an autonomous body of Spain, which means it has its own rules and commissions that are applied in the islands. Here is the list of the seven main islands that are located in the region are listed here in the order of largest to smallest, they are ‘Tenerife' the biggest island, ‘Fuerteventura' is the second biggest, ‘Gran Canaria', ‘Lanzarote', ‘La Palma', ‘La Gomera' and ‘El Hierro' being the least respectively. These are the seven biggest islands that are located in the archipelago.

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Geography of the Island

Apart from the biggest islands, the archipelago contains many small islands. The small islands are listed here for the visitor's knowledge, La Graciosa, Alegranza, Montana Clara, Isla de Lobos, Roque del Este, and Roque del Oeste. These are the islands are smaller in size and the entire list of islands. During the ancient times, the islands were referred as ‘the Fortunate Isles'. The Canary Islands are one of the most and largely populated regions in the Macaronesia area, and also has made a place in the list of populated islands. Generally, the islands are known for serenity and solidity, these islands are one of the biggest tourist destinations in the entire European Union's island tourism.

Due to its location, these islands are known as the bridge for connecting the countries that are located in the Europe, America, and Africa. This can be one of the prominent features of the Canary Islands. And due to this salient feature, these islands are called the bridge that connects the three continents, namely America, Africa, and Europe. This makes the islands the most visited islands in the entire region, as there are many tourists plying in and out of the islands regardless of the season that is on season or offseason.

The beaches that are located in the archipelago has another attraction that is the climate, the weather is most likely to be apt for beach going. Apart from the beaches, the islands have other natural attractions like national parks and other wild and aquatic parks. Due to the proximity to the beaches, the islands are well known for its aquatic life and also for the coral reefs. The climate of the islands is very tropical and this helps the people and the visitors to go to the beaches and helps them get tanned at most of the time. Due to its rich and varied natural resources the islands always attract around 12 million visitors and tourists every year, mainly the islands Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, and Fuerteventura stands top in the most visited list.

The islands also have a subtropical climate, where the summers are pretty long, and the winters are moderately warm. Depending on the elevation level and the location of the island the precipitation levels and the maritime moderation level varies. Just like the green pastures the islands do contains deserts in it too and this is one of the common things in the archipelago. And these islands are well known for the astronomical observation due to its high mountains and elevated areas.

About Fotografia en Canarias

Fotografia en Canarias is a website that is designated to give information about the Canary Islands that are located off the coast of Spain in the Atlantic Ocean. The Island acts as a bridge between North America, Africa, and Europe. The islands have a high and rich heritage, and it is very varied in the natural landscape. The islands have got a lot of different landscapes that of pastures, mountains, and sandy beaches. Apart from these, the islands have got a lot of historical places and many other tourist attraction places. This website arrays all the details about the Canary archipelago.