Want to experience the most elegant island that will bestow abrupt happiness and make you feel like elated in paradise? An island of beige lands, rugged mountains, azure sea views, delightful village sights with a cultural capital city is still alive, that is Mallorca Island. Mallorca came from Latin word which means "larger island". The island's capital city is Palma, which is the best city that gratifies the people who are seeking to explore cultural architectural beauties. With a wide coastline, it has more than 200 beaches, perfectly fitted with beach clubs, resorts and top class hotels and restaurants.

It is one of the world's best sailing hotspot. Strolling around the streets and tasting the delicious food in luxury hotels in Palma city will give you an exquisite indulgence. Always Mallorca gives something good for the people who visit the island with several impressive fiesta and festivals such as music concerts, cultural and religious festivals and a lot of sports events also. Tramuntana mountain ranges in the west coast are a perfect banquet for mountain trekking lovers. Total Island is engulfed by green elegant nature with several green natural parks all around the corners. There are numerous fascinating amusements such as boat and yacht rides, playing golf, cycling around the streets, adventure parks, agricultural farms etc.,