Reclusive little mountains, alluring sea views, dazzling gardens with sprawling green trees and many more amusing things get combined and disguised as an exploring spot called "Azore". It is covered by nine islands, which are the volcanic origin and are located in North Atlantic Ocean near Portugal and they are divided into Western, Central and Eastern. Azore is one of the most affordable tourist island destinations in the world with several enchanting entertainments such as Horseback riding, Yacht rides, Scuba diving, surfing, Bird watching, Whale watching etc.

The island's volcanism is with the Azore triple junction in which the faults and fractures under the surface tend to create volcanic eruptions. These nine islands have their own individual geomorphologic and climatic characters and make them as unique travelers' destination. Daily climatic conditions range in mild temperatures between 15°C to 25°C which makes the environment more delightful one. Unique spots such as Pedrera do Campo, in which visitors can see a pillow of lava at a height of 200 meters which is one part of the island submerged thousands of years ago. Various different glees such as the sandy beach, whale sanctuaries, big game fishing are there to experience a complete tour of blissful jubilation.